Houseplant Subscription

Helping you build a mini urban jungle

Perfect for Plant Lovers

Love plants? Want to have your own mini urban jungle but not sure where to start? Our house plant subscription box guarantees you’ll receive a new plant and pot every month.

We’ll surprise you every month with a popular plant, and pair it with a beautiful ceramic pot or basket, occasionally we’ll add surprise planty gifts to your box!

UK Wide Delivery

Delivered to your door by Courier – Cancel anytime

Expertly Curated

Receive plants in a range of sizes from 25 cm to 60 cm in height

Dedicated After-Care

Frictionless support, feel relaxed knowing our expert team is available to help with your plant related questions

Inspiration for green living

Chinese Money Plant

Believed to bring good luck and attract wealth

Satin Pothos

Elegant and velvety hanging plant

Monstera Deliciosa

Fashionable, in-demand and absolutely stunning

Spider Plant

Cleans the air of harmful chemicals & low maintenance

Zanzibar Gem

Easy to care for & great at purifying the air

Rubber Plant

Glossy leaves and fast growing, looks great in any room

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